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72 Original Monsters

Teratoscope Volume 1: The Unbounded Lands collects the original run of monsters from the ongoing Teratoscope creative-commons bestiary in a new, improved form, freshly edited, with brand-new illustrations from friend of the project Artemis Comfort and an easy-to-navigate table of contents. The Unbounded Lands offers a selection of horrors both broad and deep, from pesky Soul Flukes and Catalyst Sprites to menaces like the Child of the Broken Throne and Emperor Gall Wasp.

Infect your players' spells! Suplex them into their next reincarnation! Create the world's deadliest swear jar!

From the ground up, every Teratoscope monster is built to present a new and interesting challenge, both mechanically and conceptually. The Unbounded Lands mines and synthesizes folklore, anthropology, ecology, biology, philosophy, and art and literature both new and old in the name of building a spectacular menagerie you won't see anywhere else, each driven by elegant, scenario-driving mechanics.

A World Laid Bare to the Infinite

The Unbounded Lands is also a guide to a unique campaign setting perfectly suited to old-school adventure, from red-blooded dungeon bashing to high-concept hexcrawls. From the sweltering swamplands of Ghet, where agriculture is older than humanity and a guerrilla war rages between the planters and the planted, to the flying city of Chrysoberyl, where one misstep can mean serving a lifetime sentence as a buttress, The Unbounded Lands provides an all-encompassing view of a fresh new world to game in, with plenty of room left open for inventive GMs to sketch in their own private details.

Quick and Dirty Mechanics

Every monster in Teratoscope is designed for basic compliance with old-school dungeon-crawling fantasy roleplay systems, and comes with quick, easy explanations for the mechanics it invents and imports, as well as a foreword with general notes for quick conversions. The core stat block for every monster is designed to fit neatly on a 3x5 note card, for maximal convenience to a GM in need of a minimal-bookkeeping encounter.

Come and get your crimes against God, hot off the griddle!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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When's volume 2 coming out?!

Hi! Teratoscope volume 2 is in the works! The document itself is all put together; I'm just waiting on some artwork I've commissioned. Once I've got that in hand it's just a matter of doing some basic layout work and giving everything one last polish run. I've got my fingers crossed that I'll be able to release volume 2 before the Spring of 2020.

In the meantime, you can find the uncompiled run of volume 2's entries in the meantime on the Teratoscope blog (link leads to the last page of a tag that should contain all of them). 

Excellent! I tremble in fear!